The idea

The idea of farm visits is to promote tourism planning, promoting it through the Tuors guided BUS totally free of which the computing component is the means of disclosure.

The itineraries include departures from strategic points located in the region and especially within the territory of the municipalities of Lake Trasimeno.

In all tours will be a companion who can provide you with information regarding the routes and products from local farms.

The initiative aims to contribute to an understanding of the value of agriculture to communicate the passion, commitment and constant, in many cases, the effort of the men and women who continue to work, facing countless difficulties, this sector. The project aims to spread the culture of the agricultural world, enhance the short chain, promote nutrition education and deepen the link between food, environment, health, in the path from farm to table.

The farm becomes a place for the visitor experience and knowledge of the different proposals offered by the companies involved. We will have by the winemakers to farmers to producers of fruits and vegetables, chestnuts, medicinal and aromatic plants, each farmer also prepare a program of activities during the open days, to be submitted to the visitors will have the opportunity to be involved in this rural world .

The intent of visitors at the Farm is also to recreate, for example a link between the local population and its territory.

Young people today, in the vast majority, have difficulties in identifying, developing solutions and autonomous choices – do not have strong and deep roots with which to support in difficult times.

With the proposal to know and experience directly smells, tastes, colors, sounds and sensations different from everyday life, agriculture can make a significant contribution to the formation of sediment or cultural imprint increasingly important for the future citizens of the world.

In fact, in a diffuse manner, currently it is recognized that agriculture has a major role in the educational process of children.

Agriculture is the living laboratory where manual and physicality can express itself: where one learns by doing.

The agriculture land is identified in the ‘importance and quality of the productions. This achievement is not the result of chance but descends from the great wisdom of the generations that have preceded us, from the initiative of our farmers, on their ability to successfully interact with the environment, to enhance our land. Knowing from within the reality of a farm, realizing person of the methods that will produce high quality products in line with the protection of health and the environment is an experience of great educational value intended, in many cases , to affect permanently choices, behaviors and lifestyles particularly important both individually and collectively.

The objective of Visits Farm also trigger an active involvement of the farmer that free will have the opportunity to present their work and food products produced by him but later can participate and be a promoter of a larger project that lead to the creation of interactive educational farms.